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Principles of Child Rearing: Building family strength
  • Karin Bartoszuk, East Tennessee State University
Most families face difficult strains regarding time, money, or emotions. Sometimes homes become the place where everyone is worn-out or angry. But, in spite of these difficulties, there are ways that our families can remain strong and happy.
  • child rearing,
  • family,
  • family strength,
  • pshychology,
  • counseling
Publication Date
This publication have been adapted for use with a Native American population with permission from Auburn University, and will be used for  parenting classes for the Building Connections Program on Standing Rock Reservation.
This work is published with permission by North Dakota State University and was obtained from the following URL: 
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Bartoszuk, K. (2003). Principles of Child Rearing: Building family strength.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC_BY-NC-SA International License.