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Modéliser les Accidents et les Catastrophes Industrielles: La Méthode STAMP
  • Karim Hardy, Mines ParisTech
  • Franck Guarnieri, Mines ParisTech
Unique synthesis in the French language, model, accidents and industrial disasters: the method STAMP is the fruit of a research work on models of accident within the systems, whether they be technical and/or social. This book describes the main theories, models and approaches mobilizable to understand, assess and put in place an approach to prevention of accidents and for the management of risks within socio-technical systems. It thus presents all the required elements necessary to the understanding of the models of accident: Definitions, Objectives, theoretical frameworks and scientists, limits and developments, etc. The book discusses the accident according to a systemic approach, particularly according to the general theory of systems of Bertalanffy. Then he proposes a study of the model STAMP and the technical analysis of the dangers STPA through its implementation within a system socio-technical industrial treatment of contaminated sediments, in order to assess the safety and to improve the performance. Clear and concise, it enables: to know the main models of existing accident and understand them; to apprehend the modeling of an accident as an essential tool for understanding and analysis of the interactions between the different elements of a system and therefore its behavior; to acquire and deepen its knowledge on the model of accident stamp as well as on its application within socio-technical systems. The modeling of the accidents and industrial disasters: the method stamp is directed to all the professionals of the security wishing to consolidate their knowledge of safety assessments or surveys on accidents within the socio-technical systems. (Translated from publisher's website)
  • industrial disasters,
  • accidents,
  • risk management
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Editions TEC & DOC
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Karim Hardy and Franck Guarnieri. Modéliser les Accidents et les Catastrophes Industrielles: La Méthode STAMP. Paris(2012)
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