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Finding Endemic Soil-Based Controls for Weed Growth
Weed Technology (2004)
  • A. Kulmatiski
  • Karen H. Beard, Utah State University
  • J. M. Stark
It was our objective to determine whether plant-soil feedbacks confer weed suppression to a shrub-steppe ecosystem in Washington State. We found that soils developed by native bluebunch wheatgrass communities reduced knapweed growth from 18 to 5% ground cover. A pairwise feedback model developed from our data successfully predicted the native and weedy plant distribution seen on the landscape. We suggest that endemic soil-based mechanisms of weed control may be common and will produce novel techniques for the management of invasive plants.
  • feedback; plant; shrub-steppe; soil; Washington State
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Citation Information
Kulmatiski, A., K.H. Beard, and J.N. Stark. 2004. Soil-mediated control on weed establishment and growth. Weed Technology 18: 1353-1358 Suppl. S.