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Introduction, Establishment, and Spread: 50 Years of Invasion Ecology Since Elton
  • Karen H. Beard, Utah State University
  • A. Kulmatiski
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The Ecological Society of America
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While some may argue that Charles Elton was not a "founder" but rather a "prophet" of invasion ecology (Simberloff, this volume), Elton’s 1958 monograph The ecology of invasions by animals and plants (Methuen, London) inspired and informed many of today’s ecologists about the issues and problems of biological invasions. In addition, while many theories Elton proposed in his monograph (e.g., diversityinvasibility) have been questioned and his oversights (e.g., on propagule pressure) have been noted, there is no doubt that he has influenced entire directions of research. Thus, revisiting Elton’s influence on the field of invasion ecology 50 years after his monograph is clearly worthwhile.


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Beard, K.H. and A. Kulmatiski. 2012. Introduction, establishment, and spread: 50 years of invasion ecology since Elton. Book review of David M. Richardson, editor. 2011. Fifty years of invasion ecology: the legacy of Charles Elton. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford. 432 p. Ecology.93(2): 437-438.