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Education for Acquisitions: A History
Library Resources & Technical Services (1990)
  • Karen Schmidt, Illinois Wesleyan University

Once an essential part of the library school curriculum, acquisitions in the present day rarely, if ever, is taught on a regular basis. Acquisitions is seen not simply as a specialization of a relatively few librarians, but as a fundamental part of the work of librarians in many settings. A review of early formal training in acquisitions and the textbooks pertaining to the subject, and an analysis of the literature provide an historical perspec¬tive on education for acquisitions, and suggest elements that may provide basic and adequate training in acquisitions useful to all librarians.

Publication Date
April, 1990
Publisher Statement
preprint of LRTS article
Citation Information
Karen Schmidt. "Education for Acquisitions: A History" Library Resources & Technical Services Vol. 34 Iss. 2 (1990)
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