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Attitudes to Inheritance in Britain
  • Karen Rowlingson, University of Birmingham
  • Stephen McKay, University of Birmingham
With more families owning their own homes it is likely that more people will both bequeath and inherit assets. This raises a number of social policy issues such as whether or not people will save their assets for bequests (and potentially raise the living standards of the next generation) or try to use them up in later life to improve their own living standards. This study was commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation because very little is known about people’s attitudes to inheritance. The study was carried out by the Universities of Bath and Bristol.
  • inheritance,
  • assets,
  • wealth,
  • public attitudes
Publication Date
July, 2005
The Policy Press
Citation Information
Karen Rowlingson and Stephen McKay. Attitudes to Inheritance in Britain. Bristol(2005)
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