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About Karen Rowlingson

I am Professor of Social Policy and Director of Research at the Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham. I am also a member of the Executive Committee of the UK's Social Policy Association.
I am currently teaching on the BA and MA in Social Policy. My teaching specialism lies in research methods, social security policy and economic inequality.
My research interests lie within the field of social policy and are divided into two substantive areas. The first is the financial security of individuals, families and households including: assets and asset-based welfare; poverty, wealth and inequality; social security policy; financial planning and management (including savings, pensions, credit and debt). The second substantive area relates to changing family forms, particularly the growth of lone parenthood. My research is strongly empirical involving a broad range of rigorous research methods. I have a particularly strong methodological expertise in designing quantitative surveys and mixing qualitative with quantitative methods.


Present Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham
Present Professor of Social Policy, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

wealth inequality, personal finances, survey design, and mixed methods