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Home injuries: Potential for prevention.
American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine (2010)
  • K. A. Mack
  • Karen Liller, University of South Florida

There are approximately 18 000 injury-related deaths at home each year. Some of the leading causes of home injury deaths are falls, fire/ burns, poisonings, choking/suffocations, and drownings. Many more home injuries are treated at emergency departments, in doctors’ offices, or with self-care at home. Children and older adults are especially at risk for home injuries, and environmental factors can contribute to population disparities in home injuries. The causes and circumstances of home injuries are complex and multifaceted. This article provides an overview of the epidemiology and burden of home injuries and reviews the evidence for prevention by life stage. Reducing the risk of injuries at home is challenging, but fortunately there many ways that practitioners can help promote safer behaviors and help change home environments for patients and their families.

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K.A. Mack and Karen Liller.