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Managing Meaning: Language and Technology in Academic Libraries
Collections and Technical Services Publications and Papers
  • Karen Lawson, Iowa State University
  • Daniel Coffey, Iowa State University
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Professionals in academe today are faced with an ever-increasing number of technological advances, and few feel the effects of these changes more than library professionals. With each change comes a new vocabulary that has the potential to cause communication rifts between departments in academic libraries. Through a comprehensive literature review and a selective survey of administrators of information technology, public services, and technical services in academic libraries belonging to the Association of Research Libraries, the authors show how the new terminology has affected communication among professionals in these positions, specifically in the context of technological decision-making, and ideas are put forth for ways to overcome this problem.

Originally published in College and Research Libraries, 62, no. 2 (March 2002): 151–162 by the Association of College and Research Libraries.

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Daniel Coffey and Karen Lawson
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Karen Lawson and Daniel Coffey. "Managing Meaning: Language and Technology in Academic Libraries" (2002)
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