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Unpublished Paper
The Study of Criminology (犯罪學) in China
  • Kam C. Wong

As a scholarly discipline, criminology in China is growing in stature, maturity, and utility. In a short 30 years since 1979, China has successfully established criminology as a scientific field of study with well defined subjects, recognized scholars, and copious research/publications.

To date, there is very few systematic and comprehensive study of criminology (in English language) as an emerging and important field of academic discipline in China. As a result, we know very little about its focus and scope, direction and trend, theories and findings, problems and issues. This is a first attempt to do so.

The article begins with a general survey of crime in China during the reform period before it explores “Literature on law, crime and punishment in China,” “The idea of crime (“Fanzui”),” “History of criminology in China,” “Nature and structure of criminology as a discipline,” “Traditional criminological thoughts,” “Recent development of criminology in China,” “Contemporary theory on crime and punishment.” Finally, the conclusion discusses some of the more “Fundamental Issues and Challenges” facing criminological research in China.

  • Chinese criminology,
  • crime and punishment in China,
  • crime in China
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Kam C. Wong. "The Study of Criminology (犯罪學) in China" (2008)
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