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Study of Policing in China
International Police Excutive Symposium (2008)
  • Kam C. Wong

This article is a critique of Western approach to the study of Chinese policing, with a proposition, i.e., the study of policing in China should be conducted from bottoms up and inside out, by adopting an indigenous perspective and as informed by local data. This article is organized into three sections. Section I discusses “Problems with the Study of Chinese Policing in the West.” It points out that Western study of Chinese law and policing is factually ill informed and theoretically unsubstantiated. Section II: “Policing with Chinese Characteristics: Another Approach” argues for the studying of Chinese policing from inside out and bottom’s up, being informed by indigenous perspective and supported with local data. Finally, Section III concludes with the observation that cross-cultural research into Chinese policing must be conducted with an intimate understanding of local history, deep appreciation of indigenous culture, and broad knowledge about and identification with Chinese people’s ways and means.

  • Chinese policing,
  • Police Studies,
  • coparative policing,
  • PRC policing,
  • policing in China
Publication Date
May 12, 2008
Citation Information
Kam C. Wong. "Study of Policing in China" International Police Excutive Symposium (2008)
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