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Fighting Cross-Border Crimes between China and Hong Kong
Asian Policing Vol. 1 (2): 1 - 30 (2004) (2004)
  • Kam C. Wong

This article is a first attempt to investigate into HKP and PSB cooperative practices in dealing with cross-border crimes penetrating the two jurisdictions, in the backdrop of “one country two systems” political settlement, provided for under the Basic Law oh Hong Kong. It is hoped that findings from this investigation can be used to inform upon future discussion and facilitate prospective handling of cross-border crimes and criminals.

This article is organized into six parts. After this brief introduction, Part II: “The nature and extent of cross-border crime problem in China” informs upon the nature and extent of cross-border crimes in China. Part III: “Problem with cross-border crime between PRC-Hong Kong” gives a brief account of the problem with PRC - Hong Kong cross-border crime calling for mutual assistance and cooperation. Part IV: “PRC – Hong Kong police practices towards cross-border crime” looks into why there is a lack of formal cooperative framework between the PSB and HKP and how, in spite of the lack of formal agreement, the PSB-HKP have been working closely together to deal with cross-border crime in practice. Part V: “PSB’s perspective on cross-border cooperation between PSB-HKP” discusses the perceived lack of cooperation by the HKP from the PSB perspective, a thorny issue standing in the way of a better working relationship awaiting to be resolved. Part VI: “Conclusion” summarizes as it reflects upon how best to improve the working relationship between HKP-PRB in the face of exploding cross-border crimes.

  • Cross-border crime,
  • PRC police,
  • Hong Kong Police,
  • comparative policing,
  • one country two systems
Publication Date
Summer 2004
Citation Information
Kam C. Wong. "Fighting Cross-Border Crimes between China and Hong Kong" Asian Policing Vol. 1 (2): 1 - 30 (2004) Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (2004)
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