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Policing with Chinese Characteristics
  • Kam C. Wong

A review of (occidental) literature on Chinese social control-policing shows that there is an imbalance in research output. There is a lot of research into social control system in imperial China; its historical roots, philosophical foundation, structural framework, and functional process. However, there are very little raw data and research output on how Chinese police worked in the past or PRC public security functions at present.

This book is the only book that provide for a systematic and comprehensive treatment on various aspects of China policing, including: idea (Chapter 2), origin (Chapter 3), history (Chapter 4), education (Chapter 5), culture (Chapter 6), reform (Chapter 7), theory (Chapter 8). The book is meticulously researched and copiously referenced with primary (crime statistics, government laws and regulations) and secondary (Chinese media news and academic (law, politics, police journals) data.

This is a meticulously researched book, with heavy documentation from primary sources and detail illustration with original case studies. This book should provide busy policy staffers, inquisitive graduate students and critical academic researchers with a thorough and in-depth understanding of China policing. It is also a handy source book for China bound researchers and good research methods book for uninitiated graduate students of Asian studies.

This book, which no doubt will be followed by other more specialized treatment of individual subjects under the rubric of China policing, promises to supply readers with authoritative, incisive

  • Policing in China,
  • Public Security in P.R.C.,
  • Chinese police reform,
  • crime prevention in China
Publication Date
April, 2009
Kam C. Wong
Peter Lang
Citation Information
Kam C. Wong, Chinese Policing: History and Reform (New York: Peter Lang, 2009).