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Community Policing with Chinese Characteristics:
Division of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati (2008)
  • Kam C. Wong, Xavier University


This is an investigation into the philosophy and theory of community policing in China. Community policing in China is practiced under the guise of “mass line policing” (MLP). MLP has been practiced in China in the revolutionary areas as early as 1927 – 1932. As a democratic practice, MLP pursues the ideal of “from the people, to the people.” MLP requires the police to listen to the people, ascertain their problems and empowers the people to solving them.

This study of first impression explores the philosophy of MLP in China, and offers a “Police power as social resource theory” explaining and explicating such MLP practices.

  • Chinese policing,
  • Theory of Policing
Publication Date
May 25, 2008
Citation Information
Kam C. Wong. "Community Policing with Chinese Characteristics:" Division of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati (2008)
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