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Reaching Out to the Positive Equilibrium of Children through Music.
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences (2014)

The clarification of 8-12 year-old children's positive equilibrium and the development of child-based methodology, were set as the focus of this present study in Finland (2010-2012); music and triangulation methodology benefitted from this multi- disciplinary, process-oriented investigation. In the qualitative part of the data, imagination, creativity, and elements of comfort were found to be important. PISA studies have revealed the high quality peak of Finnish learning results concerning 15-year- olds, however, discussion is needed regarding the PISA results and factors of positive equilibrium. Maintaining children's learning results can be based on and supported by musical experiences.

  • child-based mehodology,
  • music,
  • PISA,
  • triangulation,
  • wellbeing
Publication Date
Winter February 7, 2014
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"Reaching Out to the Positive Equilibrium of Children through Music." Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Vol. 112 (2014) p. 1037 - 1045
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