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About Kaarina R Marjanen

Ph.D. Kaarina Marjanen, Finland
Current affiliation:
University lecturer, music education
School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education
University of Eastern Finland
Joensuu Campus, Finland
Expertice fields:
- music education
- early childhood music education
- music and language integration
- early mother-child interaction
- musical development
- music curricula, musical goals
- teacher training
- music education methodology
- child well-being
The philosophical background lies in the phenomenological philosophy with prelingual and premusical processes; the huge possibilities to learn of the prenatal phase processes. The breaking through research philosophy lies in the interests of recreating child-centered methodologies with the wide possibilities to combine musical, cultural traditions with new music technological possibilities; through a confidential relationship between the researcher and the child as the object; the fascination of addressing the information on the learning processes vs. experiences and methodology, through natural communicating and the ability to be present as a basis to share an understanding; music teaching; the development of music education methodology; and gaining from practices to learn for recreating the study methods.
PH.D (30.12.2009) in Music Education, University of Jyväskylä
Lic.Phil (14.6.2005) in Music Education, University of Jyväskylä
Master of Arts (27.1.1999): Music education: Music Teacher, University of Jyväskylä
Music Playschool Teacher (31.5.1995) The Conservatory of Central Finland
Nursery school/Kindergarten teacher (31.5.1983) Jyväskylän lastentarhanopettajaopisto
Stated as a teacher for higher education (9.6.2005, University of Jyväskylä)
Continuing training: Piano Improvisation and accompaniment, Sibelius Academy, Finland
20.4.2001 – 31.1.2002.
International collaboration, to further develop music education methodology and teacher training in discussion with:
- The European Music Portfolio, 10 European Countries (
- Effective processional development of in-service teachers, lead by Ph.D. Kaarina Marjanen (Kaarina Marjanen Finland; Prof. Markus Cslovjecsek, Switzerland)
- MMADD. A study on integrated arts within the curricula and contents of teacher training lead by Prof. Deirdre Russell-Bowie (Deirdre Russell-Bowie, Australia; Prof. Noriko Tokie, Japan; Prof. Markus Cslovjecsek, Switzerland; Kaarina Marjanen, Finland)
- EGGS. Elementary Gestalts for Gesture Sonification –methodology lead by Ph.D. Cristina Fedrigo (Cristina Fedrigo et al. Italy; Kaarina Marjanen, Finland)
- The BodySound: focusing on the connections of music and mother tongue acquisition processes. Project plans under construction together with The Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, lead by Ph.D. Kaarina Marjanen.
Memberships in the International Society for Music Education, ISME (2004-), Early Childhood Music Education Commission, ECME (2004-); The European Association for Music in Schools, EAS (2012-) and The European Network of Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children, MERYC (2004-)


Present Faculty Member, University of Eastern Finland

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