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Agency, Structures and Peru: Action and in-action during 1980-2000
Master's Theses
  • Kimberly A Protzel
Date of Graduation
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International Studies
First Advisor
Susana Kaiser
The Shining Path along with Alberto Fujimori's presidency in Peru (encompassing the years 1980-2000) created a terrifying chaos that was wound up in both state and insurgent terrorism, corruption, and massacres. While this chaos is inextricably linked to Peru's history, I fear is being all too quickly forgotten. My main motivation behind this research has been to take a step towards increasing awareness of these events and the many reasons behind them: the agenic nature of some versus the lack of it in others, structures developed by colonialism, and most terrifyingly of all - willful ignorance. By understanding these reasons, the hope is that society can learn to act instead of remaining ignorant to the signs of impending conflict .
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Kimberly A Protzel. "Agency, Structures and Peru: Action and in-action during 1980-2000" (2012)
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