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Impacts of foreign policies on the gains from research and promotion
Agricultural Economics
  • Jan Piaw, Thomas VOON, Lingnan College, Hong Kong
  • G. W. EDWARDS, LaTrobe University, Australia
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Journal article
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This paper compares the direct and indirect effects of rest-of-the-world (ROW) policy on welfare in country A: the direct effect due to the change in world price caused by the policy in the absence of research/promotion-induced shifts in supply/demand, and the additional (or indirect) effect of the policy on the welfare gain to country A from its investment in research and promotion. The results showed that the reduction in aggregate economic benefits from research/promotion due to a world price-reducing policy in ROW could be in the range of 25-50% of the direct reduction in social welfare due to the ROW policy. In the case of Australian beef/veal, it is possible for the welfare impact of the ROW policy via research payoff in country A to exceed the direct welfare cost.

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Voon, J. P., & Edwards, G. W. (1999). Impacts of foreign policies on the gains from research and promotion. Agricultural Economics, 20(1), 11-21. Retrieved from