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About Justin Schupp

Justin Schupp joined Kenyon College in 2012. His research interests surround the intersection(s) of social movements, stratification, and organizations within the food and agricultural realm. In general, he is interested in researching how food manifests itself (as a tangible object, as a cultural object, as a status symbol, etc.) in society.
He teaches courses on research methodologies, the sociology of food, social movements, stratification, issues of wealth/power distribution in the United States, and an introductory course that focuses on institutions and inequality.
Justin has published work that uses quantitative methods to look at the composition of local food participants. He recently finished working on his dissertation that explored the distribution of farmers' markets and food deserts across the United States. He is currently working on a couple of projects: one that explores the rise of frozen food in the United States, and another that explores the potential barriers that exist in participating in the local foods system.


Present Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Kenyon College

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P: (740) 427-5097
Ralston House 204