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The physiology of strongman training
Strength and conditioning journal
  • Colm Woulfe, Auckland University of Technology
  • Nigel K. Harris, Auckland University of Technology
  • Justin Keogh, Bond University
  • Matthew Wood, Auckland University of Technology
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Journal Article
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Woulfe, C., Harris, N., Keogh, J., & Wood, M. (2014). The physiology of strongman training. Strength and conditioning journal, 36(6), 84-95.

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© Copyright , National Strength and Conditioning Association, 2014

This article examines research surrounding the acute physiological responses to strongman training. To gain a greater understanding of the existing research to strongman training, acute physiological responses are compared with that seen during common forms of gym-based resistance training. Based on the research, evidence based guidelines are recommended for strength and conditioning coaches looking to implement strongman training into a training program.
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Colm Woulfe, Nigel K. Harris, Justin Keogh and Matthew Wood. "The physiology of strongman training" Strength and conditioning journal (2014) ISSN: 1524-1602
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