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Sculpting Time: An Interview with Michael Snow
  • Justin Remes, Oakland University
Thirty years after hearing his childhood friend
utter these words, Chris Marker made La jetée (1962), a
seminal science fiction film constructed almost entirely
from still photographs. After its release, avant-garde
directors became increasingly interested in challenging
the hegemony of movement in cinema. Two filmmakers
in particular would become the chief exponents of the
cinema of stasis. One is Andy Warhol. His film Sleep
(1963) features an immobile nude man sleeping for five
and a half hours, while Empire (1964) consists only of a
static shot of the Empire State Building that is held for
over eight hours. The other is Michael Snow.
Publication Date
This is an article from Millennium Film Journal 56 (2012): 16. Posted with permission.
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Justin Remes. "Sculpting Time: An Interview with Michael Snow" (2012)
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