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Development of a Gamified Number Line App for Teaching Estimation and Number Sense in Grades 1 to 7
Mathematics Faculty Publications
  • Debbie Marie Verzosa, University of Southern Mindanao
  • Ma. Louise Antonette N De Las Peñas, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Maria Alva Q Aberin, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Agnes Garciano, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Jumela F Sarmiento, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Mark Anthony C Tolentino, Ateneo de Manila University
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Conference Proceeding
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Fraction knowledge is known to be a gatekeeper to more advanced mathematical learning. On the basis of the literature on early number learning, a number line mobile application called Catch the Carrot was designed to develop students’ knowledge of whole number and fraction magnitude. This paper aims to describe the design of the Catch the Carrot app and discusses the rationale for using number lines as representational scaffolds for developing children’s understanding of numbers, particularly their estimation and number sense skills. The gamification features of the app, as well as strategies for integration in a classroom are also presented. This app, which utilizes number line representations, is expected to deliver the benefits associated with using number lines in instruction as suggested by the literature. The next step is to investigate the extent to which the gamified number line app promotes number sense and mathematical competence.

Citation Information
Verzosa, D. M. B., De Las Peñas, M. L. A. N., Aberin, M. A. Q., Garciano, A. D., Sarmiento, J. F., Tolentino, M. A., C. (2021). Development of a gamified number line app for teaching estimation and number sense in grades 1 to 7. In M. M. T. Rodrigo, S. Iyer, & A. Mitrovic (Eds.), Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computers in Education (pp. 648-656). Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education.