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Marshall University Music Department Presents the Violauta Duo
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  • Wendell B. Dobbs, Marshall University
  • Júlio Ribeiro Alves, Marshall University
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Wendell Dobbs, flute

Julio Ribeiro Alves, guitar

Violauta Duo:

The Violauta Duo is compound by flutist Wendell Dobbs and guitarist Júlio Ribeiro Alves, colleagues in the School of Music and Theatre at Marshall University. The name Violauta is coined from the Portuguese words for guitar (violão) and flute (flauta). The duo has performed a wide variety of repertoire from various ethnicities over the past several years. They are particularly interested in performing works recently created for flute and guitar. Alves performs on guitars by Luthier John H. Dick, while Dobbs performs on a modern wooden flute by Chris Abell and historical reproductions by John Gallagher.

The Lounge at Old Main (Room 321)
Library of Congress Authorities

Giuliani, Mauro, 1781-1829. Grand potpourri, op. 126

Marchelie, Érik. Nocturne, flute, guitar

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario, 1895-1968. Sonatinas, flute, guitar, op. 205

Pierrat, Fabrice

  • recitals,
  • guitar and flutre music,
  • sonatinas
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Wendell B. Dobbs and Júlio Ribeiro Alves. "Marshall University Music Department Presents the Violauta Duo" (2013)
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