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BITsel Index (v. 4.20)
  • Julien Chaisse, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Christian Bellak, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

BITs enshrine a series of obligations on the parties to ensure a stable and favourable business environment for foreign investors. In light of the great number of BITs, in which different provisions and their different wordings would give birth to a broad kaleidoscope of legal obligations and hence regulatory effects, we have developed a brand new “BIT Selection Index” (BITSel), which is based on the 11 most important elements found in most of the existing BITs. With 11 key provisions coded for more than 1,400 international investment treaties, the BITsel Index almost contains 20,000 definitions of key provisions coded in a single document. The BITsel helps to understand how different elements of international treaties impact on capital flows. The BITsel methodology also provides with a formidable basis for helping governments to improve and better prepare investment and trade negotiations

  • FDI,
  • BIT,
  • FTA
Publication Date
Winter March 1, 2015
Citation Information
Julien Chaisse and Christian Bellak. "BITsel Index (v. 4.20)" (2015)
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