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Microeconomics in Context
  • Julie A. Nelson, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Neva Goodwin, Tufts University
  • Frank Ackerman, Tufts University
  • Tom Weisskopf, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Designed for one-semester use, this innovative, principles-level text takes a broad "contextual" approach to economics—including serious consideration of ecological, feminist, and social concerns—while still including coverage of the standard microeconomic concepts and models. Unlike most microeconomics textbooks, which focus exclusively on markets and efficiency, this book starts with the question of human well-being and then examines how economic activities can contribute to, or detract from, well-being. It addresses such critical concerns as ecological sustainability, distributional equality, the quality of employment, and the adequacy of living standards. It is the companion textbook to Macroeconomics in Context.
  • microeconomics,
  • economics,
  • human well-being
Publication Date
August, 2008
M.E. Sharpe, Inc.
Citation Information
Julie A. Nelson, Neva Goodwin, Frank Ackerman and Tom Weisskopf. Microeconomics in Context. Armonk, N.Y.(2008)
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