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Macroeconomics in Context
  • Julie A. Nelson, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Neva Goodwin, Tufts University
  • Jonathan Harris, Tufts University
Education in macroeconomics should include critical issues such as macroeconomic stabilization, distributional equity, the quality of employment, environmental considerations, and the adequacy of living standards. Macroeconomics in Context, while including coverage of standard concepts and models, focuses on these crucial aspects of human well-being. Emphasizing writing that is compelling, clear, and attractive to students, it also includes serious investigation of the environmental impacts of economic growth and the role of unpaid work in economic life. It is the companion textbook to Microeconomics in Context.
  • macroeconomic stabilization,
  • economics
Publication Date
August, 2008
M.E. Sharpe. Inc.
Citation Information
Julie A. Nelson, Neva Goodwin and Jonathan Harris. Macroeconomics in Context. Armonk, N.Y.(2008)
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