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Blackbird: An Online Journal of Literature and the Arts (2011)
  • Julie Hensley, Eastern Kentucky University

Cora As soon as your brother-in-law gives you word, you begin making the room ready. One of the upstairs bedrooms. The one with the east facing window. The room that was never filled.

You paint the walls a pale lilac. Elden and one of the farmhands drag an old iron bed in from the storage room in the barn. You sand off the rust and paint it white. You hang sheer curtains and spread a bright quilt—one of dozens your grandmother made over the years—across the bed. As a final touch, you add an antique vanity—a splurge purchase—with flowering vines stenciled across the front of each drawer and a matching velvet-covered stool. You position it in such a way that the mirror will catch the light from the only window, making the room seem larger, sunnier.

  • short story expecting
Publication Date
Spring 2011
Citation Information
Julie Hensley. "Expecting" Blackbird: An Online Journal of Literature and the Arts Vol. 10 Iss. 1 (2011)
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