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About Julie Delkamiller

Teaching has been my passion and in many ways it permeates every aspect of my personal and professional life. I see education as the essential force for each of us to survive and the relationships we build in the process are what allow us to thrive. In every course I teach, I reiterate the importance of teacher training being a combination of information and formation. The two cannot be separated. The relationships I have fostered with family, friends, former & current students as well as colleagues around the world have in many ways been fundamental to my formation.
The blessing and curse, the paradox of my life is that I thoroughly enjoy so many varied aspects of life. I have a passion for teaching and even more important—to be part of the process in training people to become passionate teachers. I feel called to work with people on the margins and to advocate for those who may be disregarded by others in society. I embrace the challenge of being a sign language interpreter in a variety of settings—whether it is for a presidential candidate, a job interview, a workshop or the dedication of a state of the art education building. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and fostering relationships with a wide variety of people.
I firmly believe that education and mentors are the foundation for effecting change in any community. While collaborating with UNAN-León, I also work with the teachers and students at La Escuela de Sordos. Training teachers in Nicaragua has been just one example of the importance of education and having mentors to make a difference for people in poverty. Teachers must first be given the tools to teach, especially when they are a product of a flawed education system. Using a new sign language and very basic teaching methodologies, in Nicaragua, I am just as much the teacher and the student.


Present Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Present Association of College Educators for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Organizations & Affiliations
Present Council for Exceptional Children, Organizations & Affiliations
Present National Association of the Deaf, Organizations & Affiliations
Present Nebraska Association of the Deaf, Organizations & Affiliations
Present Nebraska Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Organizations & Affiliations
Present Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Organizations & Affiliations

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • 2008 - Sacred Heart Parish, Pillar Award
  • 2002 - Iowa Representative to the National We the People Competition
  • 1998 - Iowa School for the Deaf, Employee of the Year
  • 1992 - UNO College of Education, Outstanding Student of the Year
  • 1991 - KETV/Channel 7, Heartland Hero


  • SPED 1110 American Sign Language I
  • SPED 2100 Professionalism & Ethics of Interpreting
  • SPED 2200 History, Psychology and Sociology of Deafness
  • EDUC 2510 Applied Special Education
  • SPED 3120 Academic Interpreting
  • SPED 3130 Community Interpreting
  • SPED 3150 Cognitive Processing for Interpreters
  • SPED 4240 Teaching Language to Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • SPED 4250 Teaching Subject Content to Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • SPED 4310 Voice-to-Sign
  • SPED 4320 Sign-to-Voice
  • SPED 4710/8716 Interactions Between Professionals and Parents of Students with Disabilities

Contact Information

Roskens Hall 512 G
Omaha, NE 68182


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