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About Julie D. Deardorff, M.L.I.S.

Julie is responsible for collection development and management at the Centennial Library and supervises the Collection Services Department. She works closely with faculty to determine which resources should be acquired for the library, reviews all new courses and programs for library implications, and serves on the university curriculum committees. She is also the coordinator of Cedarville's Library Science Career Program, which provides assistance for undergraduates who are considering becoming librarians. Julie is a member of the American Library Association (ALA), the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO), and the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL). She has presented at ALAO and ACL conferences and served as chair of ALAO's Collection Management Interest Group. Julie has worked at Cedarville University since 1996.


Present Associate Professor of Library Science, Cedarville University Centennial Library
Present Director of Library Collection Services, Cedarville University Centennial Library

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Honors and Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa, Gettysburg College - 1990
  • Magna cum Laude, Gettysburg College - 1990
  • Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Studies Honor Society, University of Rhode Island - 1994
  • Centennial Library Certificate of Recognition for Distinctive Service - 2000, 2002, 2007, 2017
  • Centennial Library Staff Achievement & Recognition (StAR) Award - 2013
  • Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award, Academic Library Association of Ohio - 2016
  • Teaching Effectiveness Award, Cedarville University - 2017
  • Governor of Ohio Commendation - 2017
  • Greene County Board of Commissioners, Greene County Achiever Award - 2017
  • Ohio State Senate Commendation - 2017
  • Academic Service Award, Cedarville University - 2019
  • Faculty Collaboration Award, Cedarville University - 2021


  • Independent Study: Library Science Internship
  • Independent Study: Academic Libraries
  • The English Novel

Contact Information

Centennial Library
Cedarville University
LIB 134


Contribution to Books (1)

Presentations (18)