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Diatom stratigraphy of the last 250 ka at Lake El’gygytgyn, northeast Siberia
Journal of Paleolimnology (2006)
  • Marina V Cherapanova
  • Jeffrey A Snyder, Bowling Green State University - Main Campus
  • Julie Brigham_Grette, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Diatom species counts were conducted on 171 sediment samples from the 13-m-long core PG1351 from Lake El’gygytgyn, northeast Siberia. The planktonic Cyclotella ocellata-complex dominates the diatom assemblage through most of the core record, persisting through a variety of climate conditions. Periphytic diatoms, although less abundant, have greater diversity and greater down-core assemblage variation. During warm climate modes, longer summer ice-free conditions may have allowed more complex diatom communities to develop in shallow-water habitats, and enhanced circulation may have increased transport of these diatoms to deeper parts of the lake. Zones of low overall diatom abundance further support inferred intervals of low lake productivity during times of extended lake ice and snow cover. More data on the modern spatial and temporal distribution of diatom species in the Lake El’gygytgyn system will improve inferences from core records.
  • Diatoms,
  • Lake El’gygytgyn,
  • Siberia,
  • Paleoclimate,
  • Quaternary
Publication Date
December 9, 2006
Publisher Statement
DOI 10.1007/s10933-006-9019-4
Citation Information
Marina V Cherapanova, Jeffrey A Snyder and Julie Brigham_Grette. "Diatom stratigraphy of the last 250 ka at Lake El’gygytgyn, northeast Siberia" Journal of Paleolimnology Vol. 37 (2006)
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