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Medical Student Mental Health Services: Psychiatrists Treating Medical Students
  • Julie P. Gentile, Wright State University
  • Brenda J Roman, Wright State University
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Medical school is a stressful and challenging time in the academic career of physicians. Because of the psychological pressure inherent to this process, all medical schools should have easily accessible medical student mental health services. Some schools of medicine provide these services through departments of psychiatry or other associated training programs. Since this stressful lifestyle often continues through residency training and life as a physician, this is a critical period in which to develop and utilize functional and effective coping strategies. When psychiatrists provide the mental health treatment to medical students, it is important to consider transference and countertransference issues, over intellectualization, and instances of strong idealization and identification.

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Julie P. Gentile and Brenda J Roman. "Medical Student Mental Health Services: Psychiatrists Treating Medical Students" Psychiatry Vol. 6 Iss. 5 (2009) p. 38 - 45 ISSN: 15505952
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