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Identification of Gut Microbes and Their Link to Autism
CAHSS Intellectual Conversations
  • Julie Torruellas Garcia, Nova Southeastern University
Alvin Sherman Library, 2nd Floor Gallery
Start Date
22-1-2015 12:00 PM
End Date
22-1-2015 1:00 PM
Autism Spectrum Disorders are currently estimated to effect 1 in 68 children. There are many different genetic, environmental and biological factors that may lead to autism; however, there is no cure. Recently, a link between gut microbes and autism was discovered. Can knowing the identity of the bacteria living in our guts help us to diagnose and treat autism? This lecture will review current research on the identification of gut microbes in children with autism and the potential use of probiotics and vaccines as a treatment.
Citation Information
Julie Torruellas Garcia. "Identification of Gut Microbes and Their Link to Autism" (2015)
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