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Digitization and Accessibility Challenges for an Oil Shale Repository
Oil Shale Symposium Proceedings (2010)
  • Julie Carmen
The Tell Ertl Oil Shale Repository at the Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines, houses special collections pertaining to oil shale and related research. The repository was founded in 1989 by a grant from the Tell Ertl Family Trust, and is considered to be the largest collection specific to oil shale in the world. Projects over the past 15 months were funded by
The Center for Oil Shale Technology and Research (COSTAR), with oversight provided by Arthur Lakes Library librarians. Projects focused on improved global access to oil shale materials in the Repository by digitizing copyright-granted materials and uploading the digital versions
to the Colorado School of Mines’ Digital Repository. The digital repository
<> includes full text for items that have been digitized and for which copyright releases have been obtained. Copyright release includes locating authors and collecting signed release forms that give permission to display full text via the web; the process is time consuming and ongoing. The digitization project included enhanced cataloging, acquiring copyright releases, adherence to digital processing standards and interoperability, and preservation of primary sources. In addition, funding and cost-saving initiatives, advocacy/educational outreach, and preservation applications were investigated. A
long-term strategic plan for funding to digitize additional items for the Digital Repository is being developed
  • Oil Shale,
  • Retortion,
  • Digital Repository,
  • Geology
Publication Date
Fall October 22, 2010
I also presented this poster at the joint meeting of the Society of American Archivists, the Council of State Archivists, and the National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators – DC2010, held at Washington D.C., August 10-16, 2010.
            Digitization and Accessibility Challenges for an Oil Shale Repository
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