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Unpublished Paper
Tracking Song Lines in the Dreamtime: Distinguishing Between Organic and Synthetic Cultural Scripts and Paving the Path to Renewal
  • julianne e. henderson, ms., University of San Francisco

There is a subtle war raging behind the scenes of daily reality, and the victor's prize is the power to influence our collective consciousness. Organic culture heroically opposes synthetic charmed circles with a bearing that refuses to concede turf to mainstream illusions that modern society spoon-feeds the masses. Representing all that is of the Earth and therefore sacred and worth preserving, organic ideologies and communities preserve individuality, creative expression, and the Earth's rights and representation. Their goal is to ensure humanity's safe survival and to assist our collective consciousness in its shift towards creating harmony without causing harm to any living thing. Synthetic culture seeks to do the opposite, and instead glorifies the imbalances and asymmetries that its discordant music produces in people's minds. Both factions are born of a single energy, stemming from the consciousness of this planet that we share, which is considered to be a female energy. While examining the impact of synthetic scripts and cultural conventions specifically on the female psyche as they are displayed in popular music, strong parallels between the Earth’s journey and the female journey surfaced. In the context of popular culture, this paper will address cultural beauty myths juxtaposed with a sincere analysis of their contribution to women's mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional development from a sociological perspective. The concept of the Earth being a self-aware, feminine energy who ultimately balances every equation will be posited within the framework of a hegemonic patriarchal society that systematically attempts to override the feminine by compromising vital resources, ecosystems, and the symbiosis needed to sustain organic life. Discussion of popular music, anthropological research, and modern research in women’s pathologies will illustrate these similarities between the planet's journey and that of the self- cognizant, self-made woman whose story is one of heroism, triumph, and renewal despite unimaginable adversity. Ultimately the intent is to arrive at an egalitarian solution to the world's present ills and fashion a remedy that can transform remnants of humanity's collective shadow, which popular culture displays without a conscience, into inexhaustible reservoirs of reconstruction. Organic culture has established its roots so deeply and literally in the earth, that it emphasized only what is natural, balanced, symmetrical, and cultivated. It stands in dramatic opposition to all things synthetic, obliterates the asymmetries of what has become a programmed technologically-depended society devoid of dharma or any concept of spirituality. Organic culture reveres the feminine spirit as being the root principle of all other causes and events in life's evolutionary progression. The “World Mother” is the one who nurtures, nourishes, and offers her wisdom to her creation. She is an eternal creator. Even in acts of preservation, destruction, or transformation, she is always creating something beautiful to replace what has lost its balance. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for heroines of popular culture, nor for the dogma that cultural beauty myths create for women to falsely worship or testify to in their daily beauty regiment. The wild, natural female knows herself beyond social scripts or conditioned behavior. She is aware of her power, and furthermore she knows that she does not need to defend or alter her self-presentation in any way to be deemed worthy of reverence and respect. She embodies a Truth that cannot be deterred from, tampered with, or adulterated by the synthetic programming of a collective mind.

  • dreamtime,
  • songlines,
  • organic vs. natural,
  • synthetic culture,
  • popular culture,
  • mainstream culture,
  • underground subculture,
  • social revolution,
  • social movements,
  • justice,
  • peace,
  • social reconstruction
Publication Date
Spring March 24, 2014
Citation Information
julianne e. henderson. "Tracking Song Lines in the Dreamtime: Distinguishing Between Organic and Synthetic Cultural Scripts and Paving the Path to Renewal" (2014)
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