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Add value to your website
Scholarship and Professional Work
  • Julianne Miranda, Butler University
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The article focuses on developing a Web site. It mentions that multimedia can be useful for teaching and reinforcement of concepts introduced in the classroom or lesson. The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching has a collection of reviewed teaching and learning resources that clearly demonstrates effective use of multimedia for teaching purposes. As multimedia materials have become more standard, many Wen authors are turning to interactive technologies including blogs and podcasts to create a more dynamic online presence for their visitors. A blog is series of online journal entries to which others may be allowed to respond while a podcast is an MP3 file that is fed to the user who must then use podcasting software such as iTunes to collect the file and play it back.
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Julianne Miranda. "Add value to your website" American Music Teacher 56.2 (2006): 64-65.