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About Juliana M Vengoechea

Juliana Vengoechea Barrios is an Aryeh Neier Fellow with the Open Society Justice Initiative. Prior to OSJI Vengoechea was an assistant professor and the director of the Center for Studies in International Law "Francisco Suárez, S.J" at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. Vengoechea has also worked as a human rights and international humanitarian law advisor for the Vice-presidency of Colombia, as fellow of the Program in Asylum and Refugee Law at University of Michigan, working at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington D.C, as well as legal fellow of the Human Trafficking Clinic at the University of Michigan. Her areas of research are citizenship and nationality, forced migration, socio-economic rights and International Human Rights Law. Vengoechea holds LLB degrees from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and University of the Basque Country, a LLM degree from the University of Michigan and is a member of the New York State Bar.
Past experience:
-irector of the Center for Studies in International Law "Francisco Suárez, S.J" , Law School, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
Editor of the International Law Journal "International Law Revista Colombiana de Derecho Internacional"
Leader of the research group on International Law "Francisco Suárez, S.J." before Colciencias.
-Presidential Programe for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Program- Consultant (work includes: providing support to draft the Government’s response to extra conventional mechanisms of the United Nations System, as well as to draft government response to urgent matter within the UN System, preparing legal concepts within the framework of the UN.
Member of Colombia’s Permanent Working Group for UN’s Universal Periodic Review.
-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Office Washington D.C.
-Legal Fellow at the Human Trafficking Clinic, University of Michigan.
Interests: Forced Migration Policy and Law, Citizenship and Nationality, Legal identity,Refugee and Asylum Law, Self-determination and ethnic minority rights, International Criminal Law, Transitional justice, law and development, and rule of law in post conflict societies.


Present Aryeh Neier Fellow, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Present Open Society Justice Initiative, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Research Interests

Public International Law,Ctizenship, Legal Identity, Forced Migration and Refugee and Asylum Law

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Honors and Awards

  • Aryeh Neier Fellow-Open Society Justice Initiative
  • University of Michigan Grotius Fellowship
  • Program in Refugee and Asylum Law Fellow-University of Michigan
  • Legal Fellow Human Trafficking Clinic
  • Scholar Donostia City Hall to attend the International Institute of Human Rights Course in Strasbourg
  • Colombian Delegate to the “Eduardo Jiménez de Aréchaga” Interamerican Human Rights Competition organized by the Costa Rican International Law Association, San José Costa Rica. October 2004 - 2nd place