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Flow Injection Sample Introduction Methods for Atomic-absorption Spectrometry
Analyst (1983)
  • Julian Tyson
  • John M. H. Appleton
  • Ahyar B. Idris
The essential features of flow injection analysis are described and the use of
flow injection methodology for sample introduction for flame atomic-absorption
spectrometry is briefly reviewed. A flow injection analogue of the
standard additions method has been devised and applied to the analysis of
chromium in some BCS standard steels. The results showed good agreement
with the certificate values. The use of a concentration gradient forming
mixing chamber to provide a novel method of rapid, single-standard Calibration
is described and the results of preliminary experiments with magnesium
show the method to be viable. The potential usefulness of both methods is
critically evaluated.
  • Flow injection,
  • atomic-absorption spectrometry,
  • standard additions method,
  • sample introduction,
  • concentration gradient generator
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Citation Information
Julian Tyson, John M. H. Appleton and Ahyar B. Idris. "Flow Injection Sample Introduction Methods for Atomic-absorption Spectrometry" Analyst Vol. 108 (1983) p. 153
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