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Flow injection calibration methods for atomic absorption spectrometry
Analytica Chimica Acta (1983)
  • Julian Tyson
  • John M. H. Appleton
  • A. B. Idris
The use of an atomic absorption spectrometer as a detector in flow injection analysis
is briefly r eviewed. A new simplified model is described for the dispersion effects observed
with such systems; the model is based on considering the dispersion to be due to a single
hypothetical mixing chamber located immediately prior to the measurement stage. The
utility of this approach is demonstrated for two methods of calibration commonly used
in atomic absorption spectrometry, and it is shown that flow injection sample and
standard handling techniques are comparable to manipulation with volumetric apparatus.
The flow injection method has a number of advantages for the analogue of the standard
addition method. The use of an exponential concentration gradient is proposed as a novel
method of calibration using a single concentrated standard. Results are presented for the
determination of c hromium in standard steels.
  • flow injection,
  • calibration,
  • atomic absorption,
  • spectrometry
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Julian Tyson, John M. H. Appleton and A. B. Idris. "Flow injection calibration methods for atomic absorption spectrometry" Analytica Chimica Acta Vol. 145 (1983) p. 159
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