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Flow Injection Analysis Concepts and Misconceptions
Journal of Flow Injection Analysis (1993)
  • Julian Tyson
Aspects of definitions of analytical chemistry and flow injection analysis are discussed. The driving force in
analytical research of cost-effectiveness is identified and the characteristics of flow injection examined. Basic
concepts of fluid flow relevant to flow injection are explained and some common misconceptions concerning the
magnitude of various phenomena examined. The implications f a the design of manifolds for high sensitivity are
evaluated and some practical problems addressed. Novel features of FI, which take advantages of the kinetic nature of
suitable processes, are identified and illustrated by some of Professor Ishibshi's work.
  • Flow injection,
  • analysis,
  • concepts,
  • misconceptions
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Julian Tyson. "Flow Injection Analysis Concepts and Misconceptions" Journal of Flow Injection Analysis Vol. 10 (1993) p. 195 - 206
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