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Analytical applications of absorption spectroelectrochemistry at grazing incidence
Talanta (1986)
  • Julian Tyson
Analytical applications of spectroelectrochemistry are limited by the short path-length, in the
absorbing medium, that can be produced with most light-beam/electrode configurations. This disadvantage
is overcome for grazing incidence. A cell fitted with glassy-carbon electrodes and used in a
conventional spectrophotometer is described and applied to model systems illustrating the use of (a)
homogeneous redox reactions, (b) homogeneous redox reaction followed by chemical reaction and (c)
electro-deposition followed by stripping into a reagent solution. This last technique is the spectroelectrochemical
analogue of anodic-stripping voltammetry
  • Applications,
  • absorption spectroelectrochemistry,
  • grazing incidence
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Julian Tyson. "Analytical applications of absorption spectroelectrochemistry at grazing incidence" Talanta Vol. 33 (1986) p. 51
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