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International civic and citizenship education study : assessment framework
  • Wolfram Schulz, ACER
  • Julian Fraillon, ACER
  • John Ainley, ACER
  • Bruno Losito
  • David Kerr
The International Civic and Citizenship Study (ICCS) is the third lEA project investigating the role of schooling in preparing young people for their roles as citizens in society. The first study in this area began in 1971. The second Civic Education Study was undertaken in 1999. Almost 10 years on, global change has again prompted a new survey of civic and citizenship education. Amongst other considerations, the growing impact of the processes of globalization, external threats to civic societies and their freedoms, and the limited interest and involvement of young generations in public and political life. [p. 5, ed]
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Wolfram Schulz, Julian Fraillon, John Ainley, Bruno Losito, et al.. "International civic and citizenship education study : assessment framework" (2008)
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