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ResearchGate, Copyright, and You
Technical Services Faculty Presentations
  • Andrée Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island
  • Julia Lovett, University of Rhode Island
  • Amanda Izenstark, University of Rhode Island
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University of Rhode Island Libraries, Search Savvy Seminar

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Slides from a presentation, "ResearchGate, Copyright, and You," offered at the University of Rhode Island Libraries on November 4 and November 15, 2016. "ResearchGate,, and other websites make it easy to share your scholarly content, but is sharing on these sites safe to do? Learn about the implications of posting your research online, and find out how you can do so to have the most impact." Part of the University Libraries' Search Savvy Seminar series.
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Andrée Rathemacher, Julia Lovett and Amanda Izenstark. "ResearchGate, Copyright, and You" (2016)
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