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Understanding Copyright & Transformative Fair Use
Technical Services Faculty Presentations
  • Andrée Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island
  • Angel Ferria, University of Rhode Island
  • Julia Lovett, University of Rhode Island
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Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference, RILA 2015

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Slides and workshop examples from a session, "Understanding Copyright & Transformative Fair Use," given at the Rhode Island Library Association Annual Conference, "RILA 2015," on May 28, 2015 in Newport, Rhode Island.

"This interactive workshop will outline the basics of copyright and fair use, emphasizing the notion of transformative fair use as highlighted in recent court decisions. The majority of the session will be devoted to real-life scenarios, and audience members will be able to analyze texts, images, video, and sound recordings to determine whether the proposed use is fair. You’ll also learn about handy alternatives for situations when fair use does not apply."

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Andrée Rathemacher, Angel Ferria and Julia Lovett. "Understanding Copyright & Transformative Fair Use" (2015)
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