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Interpersonal Tone Within School-Based Youth Mentoring Relationships
Youth & Society (2011)
  • Julia Pryce, Loyola University Chicago
This prospective, mixed-method study presents an in-depth view of school- based youth mentoring relationships using qualitative data from direct obser- vations, in-depth interviews, and open-ended questionnaires with mentors and students.The dimension of interpersonal tone, referring to the interaction style between adult mentor and student, was investigated using a pattern-oriented approach.The analyses identify four distinctive patterns of interpersonal tone and categorize mentor–student relationships according to systematic varia- tion on this dimension. The study integrates quantitative assessments of relationship quality to corroborate and supplement these inductively derived categories. Findings reveal meaningful distinctions in the nature and quality of mentoring relationships and suggest implications for the supports programs might offer to promote positive relationships.
  • qualitative methods,
  • role models/mentors,
  • school-based programs
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Julia Pryce. "Interpersonal Tone Within School-Based Youth Mentoring Relationships" Youth & Society Vol. 45 Iss. 1 (2011) p. 98 - 116
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