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Urban Desertification.2014.pdf
Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (2014)
  • jules simon
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My thesis is that current cities and the way that cities are being
developed is unsustainable and poses global problems for the long-term
flourishing of the world’s inter-related and interdependent economies, for
matters of justice and happiness in socio-cultural relations between peoples,
and for the health of our natural environments. I argue that ‘urban
desertification’ happens in the complex relationship between cities (both urban
and suburban) and rural environments that support them as both a natural and
ethical phenomenon that I study using a form of analysis called
phenomenological ethics. First, I briefly present sketches of phenomenology
and sustainability in order to introduce the method of phenomenological ethics
to develop a more adequate understanding of urban sustainability. Then, I make
a connection between desertification and urbanisation. Finally, I focus on the
city of El Paso, Texas in order to provide an empirical and relevant case study
of the existing problems of desertification and sustainability.
  • sustainability,
  • phenomenological ethics,
  • phenomenology,
  • urban desertification,
  • desertification,
  • climate change,
  • environmental justice,
  • environmental ethics,
  • El Paso,
  • Chihuahuan Desert,
  • United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification,
  • sustainability ethics
Publication Date
January, 2014
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jules simon. "Urban Desertification.2014.pdf" Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (2014)
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