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About Jules Simon

My writing, research, and teaching can be gathered together under the general heading of continental philosophy. More specifically, my work in philosophy emerged from my passion for exploring the ethical, aesthetic, and socio-political strands of such modern German and Jewish philosophers as Kant, Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, Levinas, Benjamin, Arendt, and Rosenzweig. This led me more deeply into how phenomenology can be used to better explore ethical relations and events such as the Holocaust. Out of my initial attraction to and immersion in the dialectical philosophy of Hegel, I became deeply influenced by Rosenzweig's philosophy and am currently involved in the growth and developments of the International Rosenzweig Society. From that work, I have explored the work of Norbert Samuelson's contributions in philosophy of science and religion as well as Emmanuel Levinas's phenomenological Ethics. I am currently working on a book entitled Phenomenological Ethics. I also developed strong writing and research interests in Critical Social Theory, especially in the kind of critical philosophy embraced by the Frankfurt School through the influence of Walter Benjamin which, in part, inspired my interest in the interrelation of ethics, science, and technology and that led me to found and then to serve as the Scientific Director of the Center for Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy (CSTEP). I founded CSTEP on the principles and praxis of phenomenological ethics and continue to develop research in that direction, especially as that research contributes to my work in the field of the Philosophy of the City Research Group. I helped to co-found that Research Group with Shane Epting (UNLV) and Mike Menser (Brooklyn College) and currently serve on the Executive Board and as Treasurer for that Group.


Present Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at El Paso
Present Scientific Director, CSTEP, University of Texas at El Paso

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