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The Republican tug of war between Hispanics and the Tea Party
NBC Latino (2013)
  • Juhem Navarro-Rivera, Public Religion Research Institute
The last three presidential elections make it plain that the GOP must undertake some serious electoral outreach to Hispanic Americans if it wants to remain a viable major national party. In 2004, President George W. Bush, a supporter of immigration reform and the former governor of Texas, a border state with a large Hispanic population, received the support of 44% of Hispanic voters, more than any other GOP nominee to date. The GOP standard-bearers in 2008 (Arizona Senator John McCain) and 2012 (Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney) saw their Hispanic support plummet to 31% and 27%, respectively. For both Romney and McCain, the issue of immigration is widely considered to be the primary culprit for their lackluster support among Hispanic voters.
  • hispanics,
  • latinos,
  • republican party,
  • tea party movement
Publication Date
March 29, 2013
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Juhem Navarro-Rivera. "The Republican tug of war between Hispanics and the Tea Party" NBC Latino (2013)
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