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Tracking the Footprints of Anonymous Defamation
Journal of Information Privacy and Security (2011)
  • Judy L. Wynekoop
  • Raymond Placid
The rise of the Internet has made anonymous defamation a reality. Tracking the footprints of anonymous defamation in cyberspace can be difficult from a legal and technological perspective. Legally, the injured party may need to pursue two defendants - the website that hosted the defamatory statement and the anonymous defamer. This process can be taxing from both an economic and personal perspective, and in some cases will lead to a dead end due to technological roadblocks.
  • Internet
Publication Date
January, 2011
Citation Information
Judy L. Wynekoop and Raymond Placid. "Tracking the Footprints of Anonymous Defamation" Journal of Information Privacy and Security Vol. 7 Iss. 1 (2011) p. 3 - 23 ISSN: 2333-696X
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