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Twibel: A Matter of Internet Privacy
Proceedings of Annual Paris Business Research Conference (2015)
  • Raymond Placid, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Judy L. Wynekoop
What is Twibel? Twibel is a relatively new phenomenon in the legal system and the legal rights of the parties involved in a twibel lawsuit are still in the evolutionary stage. This article will explore the legal impact of a defamatory statement that is placed in cyberspace through Twitter where the privacy of the tweet is breached either intentionally or by accident.

All relevant Case law from 1964 was reviewed.  In the short term, unfamiliarity (i.e., ignorance) with a web-based system may be enough to shield the user from legal liability for twibel. However, this excuse may be short lived. The legal maxum - ignorantia juris non excusat – could be translated to "ignorance in using social media websites will not excuse". As social media websites become more prevalent in our society, one should not rely on "Ignorance" as a defense to a claim. Instead, the sender or poster should take due care in assuring that libelous material is transmitted appropriately and securely through cyberspace in order to avoid legal liability.
  • Twitter; Internet; privacy; law; Twibel; social media
Publication Date
August, 2015
Citation Information
Raymond Placid and Judy L. Wynekoop. "Twibel: A Matter of Internet Privacy" Proceedings of Annual Paris Business Research Conference (2015)
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