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Innovation in Nō: Matsui Akira Continues a Tradition of Change
Asian Theatre Journal
  • Mariko Anno, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Judy Halebsky, Department of Literature and Languages, Dominican University of California
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Literature and Languages

Within the practice of Japanese nō theatre, there are tensions between preserving the art and allowing change. However, innovation through performance has been central to nō throughout its long history, from the variant nō of the Edo era (1603–1868) to the more recent emergence of revival nō and new nō. The long career of nō master Matsui Akira (1946–) offers an individual perspective on the history of change in the tradition of nō. Based on a series of interviews with Matsui and research conducted at the Kita School of Nō and the Hōsei Nō Research Institute, this article examines Matsui’s innovations, his unusual path toward becoming a professional, and his transnational collaborations.


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Mariko Anno and Judy Halebsky. "Innovation in Nō: Matsui Akira Continues a Tradition of Change" Asian Theatre Journal Vol. 31 Iss. 1 (2014) p. 126 - 152 ISSN: 0742-5457
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